Gerbrand Haverkamp
Executive Director

Aside from spending too much time on Twitter, Gerbrand sets the direction for Index Initiative. Gerbrand started Index Initiative believing that society doesn’t progress without companies that align with societal interest. All of us should therefore have something to say on how we want companies to shape our lives and the world around us. Based on these societal expectations we can rightly credit companies that lead while holding others accountable, encouraging both to do better. Before working for Index Initiative Gerbrand worked for the Dutch Government in the areas of inclusive business, sustainable agricultural supply chains and food security.

Lisanne Urlings
Lead Research

Lisanne leads all research-related processes and activities and works on the development of various benchmarks. She is actively involved in stakeholder consultation and engagement activities. Lisanne has always had a keen interest in the role of business in social and economic development challenges. She strongly believes that business can be a force for good and is motivated to contribute to research-based efforts that promote and drive long-term change. Prior to joining Index Initiative, Lisanne worked at the Access to Medicine Index where she focused on methodology development and analysis, and coordinated the development of company scorecards.

Gonnie Been
Lead Operations and Access to Internet

Gonnie leads the Index Initiative operation, including Communication, HR and IT. Gonnie is also responsible for the access to internet benchmark. Gonnie is fascinated by the exponential technological possibilities and what it means for sustainable development. Gonnie gained experience in communication, social innovation, CSR and HR with a focus on organizational- and leadership development. As last at Microsoft The Netherlands, where Gonnie was the driving force behind the new world of work transition of the organization. Before joining Index Initiative, Gonnie started her own social enterprise – RabbleInc. – enabling organizations to infuse digital transformation into human development. Furthermore, she keeps different board functions.

Hendrik Steringa
Senior Researcher

Hendrik develops the climate action pillar as an integral part of the WBA strategy and operations. He conducts research, develops the climate action strategy, builds and maintains a network of relevant stakeholders and applies for funding. Hendrik believes climate action is not only a big threat (which it is) but also about business opportunities and creating welfare for everyone around the globe at the same time. In his work Hendrik aims to bring these elements together. For 10 years Hendrik was active in the field of humanitarian assistance, mainly in Latin America. In 2010, he went through a professional transition and entered the field of corporate strategies of energy companies related to the sustainable energy transition and climate action.

Bas Geerts
Lead Seafood Stewardship Index

Bas leads the Seafood Stewardship Index. Making this world even more beautiful and preserving its beauty into the future has been his drive for decades. To Bas, working with a wide array of international stakeholders is inspiring in achieving sustainable progress. Bas worked at WWF Netherlands, first as fundraiser, later developing and implementing sustainability standards like RSPO (Palm Oil) and RTRS (Soy). After WWF, Bas joined UTZ, expanding their portfolio from coffee to multiple other commodities. Before joining Index Initiative, Bas held the position of Standards Director at the Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Under his leadership 8 global standards for responsible aquaculture were launched.