Index Initiative


The benchmarks that Index Initiative develops aim to encourage industries and companies to enhance their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals closest to their core business. Benchmarks bring clarity on three levels:


Companies deal with a wide range of stakeholders with diverging expectations and priorities. Through an extensive multi-stakeholder process benchmarks identify common grounds among key stakeholders and build consensus around these expectations. Index Initiative translates these expectations into clear metrics, providing companies with a clear path forward.

Index Initiative’s purpose is to bring clarity on the role and performance of companies in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals closest to their core business.


The potential contribution of an industry to sustainable development is influenced by its core business and position in the value chain. This both determines and limits an industry’s and company’s influence. Benchmarks clarify the role of companies in achieving particular SDGs but also highlights the responsibilities of other stakeholders.


Only when we know how companies actually perform we can seek to influence them to change behavior. Benchmarks therefore independently and objectively measure and compare the performance of individual companies in contributing to the SDGs. Thereby they give credit to companies that perform well, create accountability and allow others to learn from best practices within and across industries.