Index Initiative develops indices that encourage and inspire companies to initiate positive change. Our vison is a world in which companies serve society’s greatest needs. With every new index we introduce we initiate dialogue, clarifying the unique social and environmental contribution companies can make as well as society’s expectations of those companies.

Every index ranks the leading companies in a specific industry according to their efforts to meet these expectations. By comparing companies to one another, the index rewards good practice and provides a transparent means by which companies can monitor their own performance and that of their peers. Furthermore, the insights provided by the index make it an invaluable resource for industry stakeholders, governments, investors, civil society and academia.

‘What we measure is what we need’


An Index helps to clarify and reach consensus on expectations of the contributions a particular industry can make to sustainable development. By comparing companies to another, an index rewards good practice and identifies best practices and areas for improvement.

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Landscape Study

Taking the SDGs as a starting point, the study identifies the most pressing sustainability issues, opportunities and societal expectations for 15 global industries.

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Feasibility Studies

Based on the results of the landscape study, five industries have been selected for a full feasibility study.

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